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The Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) in both Geneva and Lake in the Hills offers comprehensive imaging services.

Founded in 1981 by Dr. Kenneth Heithoff, CDI was one of the first freestanding, outpatient imaging providers in the country. CDI has a passion for quality, cost effectiveness and exceptional patient care. It is dedicated to providing the community with the finest in imaging services, administered by a local team of specialized physicians and associates.


Why CDI vs your local hospital imaging services?

Each patient comes to one of our centers looking for answers. Our goal is to make sure we deliver information accurately and quickly to guide the care of patients, and that our care exceeds the patient’s expectations.
As a patient, you choose where to have your imaging exam – such as an MRI, CT scan, X-ray – or breast imaging. While your doctor or insurance provider may give you suggestions, you are in control of your care. Whether you choose an outpatient center or a larger hospital or health system, you need to decide what’s best for you.

As an added bonus, our team is connected to a network of CDI staff across the country and can share best practices and consult with each other. CDI`s mission is to improve the lives of those they serve through the highest quality care and diagnostic imaging services.

CDI offers:

  • Digital Mammograms
  • High Field MRI
  • CT
  • Ultrasound
  • Bone Density Exams (DXA)
  • X-Ray
  • Lung Cancer Screening (Watch video)


Center for Diagnostic Imaging Among our comprehensive Women`s Imaging Services, CDI offers digital mammography – both screening and diagnostic. Physicians refer patients to CDI because of their exceptional quality in clinical services, images and diagnoses, which is critical to determine care and treatment. Watch this video on how to determine which scan is right for you.


We also offer many types of ultrasound exams to detect abnormalities, capture moving images of pelvic and abdominal function and the male reproductive system, the kidney and thyroid systems, as well as the developing fetus, among other applications. Center for Diagnostic Imaging


Center for Diagnostic Imaging CDI offers Breast MRI for further work up after an inconclusive mammogram, ultrasound or physical exam assist in breast cancer detection; determine the extent of breast cancer; assist with consideration of treatment options; monitor breast cancer chemotherapy; screening exam for certain high-risk patients; and determination of implant rupture or leakage.


CDI utilitizes MRI scans for injury assessments most commonly caused by sports and exercising. Here is an interesting video pertaining to injury prevention for CrossFit training and in the case of an actual injury to the head, watch this video to learn what to expect if your child does get a concussion.


As part of its services to the community, CDI offers Walk-In Screening Mammogram Thursdays from 7:30 am – 4 pm, at our Geneva location only, for those age 40 and older, no referral needed. Most insurance accepted. Watch this video describing the changing mammography guidelines. Click for more information.

CDI also offers cash payment plans for underinsured or high deductible patients.

Center for Diagnostic Imaging